If you are happy and you know it,
and you really wanna show it,
if you’re happy and you know it,
take a shot.

Now that we’ve got that jingle stuck in your head, ask yourself this question - when was the last time you took a shot at happiness?



It started unknown, exotic yet trusting

Intuition was the honest voice we listened to, and our drive to instill confidence and bring upon happy faces to individuals who face skin woes. 
So we decided to take a shot.

The First Shot

Through diligent research in France, Germany, Switzerland and USA, we have perfected revolutionary formulations without the use of invasive solutions.

The shot that uncovered a scientific breakthrough in sustainable skincare

Designed to enhance the skin’s natural ability to heal and renew itself while regaining and maintaining its youthful radiance regardless age or gender, our products cater to problems such as acne, sensitivity, aging and pigmentation.

The same shot with a different feel

As we continue to serve you that shot of happiness with our main spirits and concoctions, these are the essentials (including you!) that build us into the only bar-like skincare icon in Singapore and Asia while honouring our unique point of view on skincare, steering away from puffery, cluttered messages and clichés.

The shot that will bring us closer to you

Showing affection to your skin has never been more chill, laid-back and most importantly, fun! 

Built from a place with love, passion and wild ambition, we will continue to embark on this journey of a billion smiles that began with that one single shot.


You Deserve To Be Happy

Let mySKINBAR serve you that shot of liquid confidence; the confidence that would bring you to greater heights, to do greater things, and to take that shot you never thought you would’ve taken – the shot that will make you happy. That is our promise.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.
 - Wayne Gretzky

So take a shot with us!