Acne plagues about 730 million people all over the world.

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean you have to continue to suffer. We wanted to highlight in this month of June because it’s Acne Awareness Month.

Maybe it may be the occasional spot that comes to bother you, or maybe for the ladies it’s that period induced breakout. Men, maybe it’s from that post-workout sweat. In the most painful circumstance, it’s the chronic, cystic acne that mars your skin and confidence.

We see you and we hear you.


During this month, we would like to highlight the incredible research that has gone into better solving this global epidemic.

Ever since our team of scientists found out the cause of acne aka The Mites (Demodex and Acne Bacteria) that feed off the sebum and protein on your skin, we forged hard to find a respective cure with this knowledge. We want to share our knowledge of the problem openly. Afterall, mySKINBAR is all for empowering you in your fight against for acne. The treasures we hope you’ll reap from this battle- your self-confidence and a smile.

We always villianize The Mites, and it’s for good reason. While there may be good and bad bacteria, these guys definitely fall under the latter category. It’s a combination of Demodex Mites (that look like fat little worms) that burrow their faces down into your hair follicles, skin in search for their gold, or your sebum. You might be wondering: so why don’t some people just don’t have acne? We have to be honest with you that we have no happy explanation. The world is an unfair place.

People who experience acne unfortunately shoulder more of the burden of being a food source to these pesky mites.

Either (a) having more mites breed on their face, or (b) have more oils that the mites relish in, or really a combination of both (a) and (b).  That’s why based on this knowledge, acne suffering shouldn’t feel fatalistic. Sometimes you don’t need strong, altering treatments like ingestible medication or strong chemical peels. We wanted to be the bridge between that last resort option- to provide a revolutionary holistic and topical method of treatment.

So why do so many people have to suffer?
No one should be beholden to acne.

Acne might be the 8th most prevalent disease in the world. But it’s also one of the most treatable- with the right solutions.

That’s why we made The Crux.
If there was one product that could put back the smiles on to your clear and glowing faces, it’s the one.

The Crux’s signature orange colour comes from the extracted Willow Tree Bark (that’s how you know this special ingredient is inside). Combined with Ginseng and Balm Mint, it kills off bacteria that’s feasting off your skin. Our solution is radically non-traditional, meaning it’s not meant to dry up the oil. Instead, it directly targets the cause- The Mites.


Treating acne shouldn’t be a one sized fits all option. It’s about understanding your skin type and root causes, and finding the right products to incorporate into your solid routine. You might not need all products from within our range, but we always recommend a holistic method of treatment under our ASAP Acne set, that would help you build the right foundations for acne-free, clear skin for life!

If you want a listening ear to talk about your woes with acne, we’re always here to listen. Alternatively, if you need catered help setting up a routine, don’t be a stranger and consult with us what would suit your needs best. 


We just wanted to shoutout all the acne sufferers, that your day of liberation will come!

You are beautiful the way you are and we hope you see your clear, smiling faces in the future.