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Heal pimples in 3 days

Heal pimples in 3 days



 Hi there, welcome to the bar

We hear you. Skincare is tactile. You may prefer to trial first.
Samplers from as little as $3.99 to $21.99 are now available.

 Hi there, welcome to the bar

      * Samplers available from $3.99 to $21.99.

The Bar: Mix and match however you like to fit you.

Whatever the application sequence and method, choose what you want to do. It’s been designed to work any way, any how.

You can build your personal routine unique to you.

We have pre-customised targeted treatment for you.

We have pre-customised a set of holistic solutions for you. 

Efficient Gentleman


Featured: Inception Sling + Beyond Control
– cleanse, shave, aftershave tone up, anti-age, moisturise in just 2 steps.

 First time here, got a skin concern?

Battling with acne? Here’s the strategy.
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Wash away your worries

Wash away your worries






 Sunblock as Skincare. Sunblock as Makeup.

Skincare that works should be fun, just like being at a bar.
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