Anatomy of a drink at mySKINBAR

What holds the magic inside is just as important

There is an effective way to bring out the best in every product. Like a flute for champagne, or a martini glass for well, a martini. We wanted to build a holistically good experience for you.  So, we travelled to South Korea where our Airless Pump (we’ve conveniently nicknamed ALP) bottle hails from, selecting it amongst many others as we believe it would be able to preserve high standards for our products.

How ALP works

Reduce preservatives

Oxygen is essential for our survival, but it’s the opposite for our drinks. Oxidation (the scientific process of degradation) warps the products’ effectiveness, especially where there are sensitive active ingredients.  No air touches the product sealed inside an ALP bottle.  As a result, the product remains fresh with lesser preservatives and extending its usability till its expiry date after “opening”.

Make every drop count

It makes every drop of your product counts. No waste. Quality packaging is just as important as a quality product. Pretty yet functional design allows you to use up every bit of product, as what a true definition of value for money should be.