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Face Mask Capsule

If you want to double your relaxation try what we would call: self-care

This word has been used so much recently, we’re intentional with deeming this as that.

At mySKINBAR, we believe that self-care means setting intentional time out for yourself to recharge and find that energy. Sometimes, having rituals do help. Other times, trying out something is the necessary stimulation you need.

That’s why we thought: how can we elevate the everyday skincare experience in a meaningful way? Turn your trusty old toner (Early Addiction or Beyond Control, are our picks in this case) into a mask. Double up its function.

We tested and sourced for the best silk mask that is gentle on your skin and absorbs the best amount of product absorbed. Get it in a bundle of 8, and treat yourself and your skin! Be at your prime by feeling at your prime.

You will love it!

_Easy to use
_Elevates your toner game
_Ensures deep relaxation


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How To Use

Step 1. Open the mask capsule

Step 2. Pour some toner on it till it balloons out

Step 3. Stretch silk mask over your face

Step 4. Leave for 10-15 minutes (and relax by doing preferred activity of choice i.e. dancing, reading, curating your playlist or by doing nothing at all)

Step 5. Remove mask and pat excess toner into your skin, not forgetting your neck! (Extras can be used on the back of your hands or arms too)


Pair With

Turn your trusty old toner into a mask.  Pair this mask capsule with one of these toners.

Early Addiction Rose Edition

Beyond Control

Skin Types

All Skin Types


All Ages