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Gets Better with Age

Your friends feel as if: they’re able to manipulate time

That’s a powerful effect of a drink indeed, but they’re not kidding. It’s pretty accurate.

We’re going beyond just stopping that biological clock in terms of skin age, we’re turning back the time. This elixir restores skin elasticity, deeply moisturises, evens out skin texture and minimises wrinkles in 42 days (6 weeks). When tested by women age 40-60, a clinical biometric measurement after proved visible effects of reversed aging of up to 10 years within 42 days (fun fact; it’s approximately two rounds of the skin rejuvenation cycle, each 28 days)

If you have acne-sensitive skin, you should avoid this product.

You will love it!

_A patented scientific breakthrough in reversing skin aging
_Rich, oil-free formulation that truly hydrates
_Clinically proven in France

Natural Ingredients Based:
Hibiscus Seed Extract (Ambrette Extract)

Also known as :
Lifting Emulsion

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Full Ingredient List

Purified water, Ambrette extract, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate, Propyleneglycol-dicaprate/Dicaprylate, Polyquarternium Trideceth-10, Phenoxyethanol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Propanediol

How To Enjoy

Apply evenly on cleansed face and/or neck for morning and night. Mix with distilled water or toner for optimal results. Leave to dry before applying sunblock or night cream.

Pair With

Early Addiction to unleash the optimal potency of the Ambrette extract.

What Else You Need To Know

The patented solution has been clinically proven in France.

The clinical trial results showed that:

It delivered visible effects of reversed aging of up to 10 years within 42 days with 2 applications daily.

The group of women who tried and tested had firmer skin, a reduction of wrinkles and open pores, more even-skin tone and moisture of their skin after an average of 42 days.

Its efficacy and results also dramatically outperformed Vitamin-C based serums.


The solution has also been tested and proven by real users in Singapore, UK and Indonesia whom we followed up with over the last 10 years.

Most of them experienced younger skin before completing the first bottle.

With continued daily usage, most of them barely saw new wrinkles during the 10 year period.  Gets Better With Age delivered and continues to deliver on its promise- ageing with grace.

Give it a shot!

How Long Does This Bottle Last

This 50ml bottle would last up to 3 months with one pump per application and 2 applications daily, during which you should experience visible results*.

We strongly recommend mixing or applying it together with a toner, as its potency is aqua-activated. Our pick for you: Early Addiction.

*Results varies among customers.

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Source: non-edited photos provided by customers. 

Skin Types

Dry or Dehydrated Skin, Normal Skin, Pigmentation Skin



Special Profile

Safe for Expecting Mothers


Reversing the effects of aging is within reach. It’s never too late.

     Natural source for cure, the way to go.

Pair with Early Addiction

Have fun. Feel young and look young.

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