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Wine Opener

The one our friends call us to grab when they want to celebrate because: it’s so easy!

We’ve always been interested in natural forms of healing for your largest organ– the skin. Not only from the outside in, but also from the inside out.

It’s been scientifically proven half a glass of red wine a day is good for health. Red wines in particular contain antioxidants that rebalance and prevent inflammation at a cellular level. Grapes contain lots of polyphenols which are the scientific name for these antioxidants. They improve your heart health and feed good gut bacteria.

Red wine itself also represented joy, a time of celebration. It’s often associated with happy occasions.

There is also something relaxing about the ritual of pouring yourself a nice glass of wine.  Something mysterious happens in the happy ambience or when the mind is in a happy state– a positive energy that promotes health and anti-aging benefits to your body and skin!  (Drinking in moderation of course!)

Drinking should be easier, both for your skin and when it comes to actual drinks. Or at least, this was what we thought. That’s how the idea of a good quality wine opener to go along with your happy occasions was mooted. Our exclusive Coutale Sommelier-approved wine opener fits the latter half of our bill.

The Coutale story and product just really resonated with us and we couldn’t wait to share a piece of it with you!


You will love it!

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Polyphenols, Gut, Food and Wines

Polyphenol is called Resveratrol

A polyphenol called resveratrol may reduce your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also feed good gut bacteria.

What has it got to do with wines?

Although both red and white wine contain polyphenols, red wine contains higher levels of polyphenols because it is made using the entire grape — skin and seeds included — while white wine is made using only the free-running grape juice. The process by which red wine is made allows more polyphenols to diffuse into the wine, giving red wine 10 times the polyphenol content of white wine, according to a review study published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 2004. So choose a darker red wine for higher polyphenol content.

Other food sources that encourages friendly bacteria in your gut

Pomegranate Juice
Dark Chocolate
Kiwi fruits
Black beans
Green Peas
Sourdough bread
Sauerk raut
Shiitake mushrooms
Gouda Cheese

Above information source: The book “Eat to Beat Diseases” by Dr William Li (World-renowned doctor, scientist & angiogenesis expert)

The Coutale Story

The Coutale story and product just really resonated with us and we couldn’t wait to share a piece of it with you.

Coutale is a winemaker based in France. For years, he used atypical wine openers at this tastings, only to his frustration— broken wine corks and bottles.

This is when Coutale got cracking to create his own opener. He decided, enough was enough, it was time he used his experience to make a proper wine opener for everyone to really enjoy wine, easily. So this patented French Spring Loaded Double Level Cockscrew was born. With a sturdy stainless steel frame, the cork lids slid out effortlessly to bring forth the pour of the best wine.


This corkscrew is completely bombproof and built on an unbreakable stainless steel frame.
Patented by Philip Bernède, French winemaker and owner of Clos La Coutale winery in Cahors, France.

Material  Stainless Steel
Colour  White with black mySKINBAR logo
Dimension   L  125mm x W 20 mm x D 14mm
Weight   75 grams
Features (patented)
  • spring-loaded double lever
  • automatic knife closure
  • a teflon-coated worm
  • a stainless micro-serrated knife


  • Solid Stainless Steel Frame–This corkscrew is built on a solid stainless frame overlaid with a smooth white plastic handle.
  • Spring-loaded Double Lever– This corkscrew is the only patented spring-loaded double lever corkscrews in the market. 
  • Automatic Knife Closure– After cutting the foil the knife automatically closes when the lever arm is lifted. The automatic knife closure combined with the double lever adds control and safety to your uncorking experience.
  • Telfon-coated Worm– This corkscrew features a worm that is crafted from a single piece of stainless steel and fitted in a coat of Teflon. The Teflon coating assures the worm spirals into the cork smoothly, allowing for less screwing force and a smoother cork pull.
  • Stainless Micro-serrated Knife – This corkscrew comes equipped with a stainless micro-serrated knife. Unlike the dull standard-issue knives on most corkscrews, it cleanly cuts the foil, allowing for an even cut across the foil and a clean removal. No more torn foils!


How To Use

Instructions available on the packaging box.

Step 1: Open knife and cut foil.

Step 2: Screw worm in, push in 1st lever. Lift up handle.

Step 3 Push in 2nd lever. Pull out cork.


Final Step.
Push in 2nd lever. Pull out cork.

To happiness, good health and glowing skin.