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Touchy Classy

Your friends would say to try this: if you want to feel classy on the daily

According to Mean Girls, you should wear pink on Wednesday. We disagree— kind of, you should wear this shade of pink everyday. Don’t worry you won’t look pink, it’s SPF 30 protection after all. The pink simply neutralises your skin tone and leaves you looking positively luminous. So wear this pink on the daily!

You will love it!

_Suitable for sensitive skin
_Water based, light formulation suited for oily skin too
_Smoothing makeup base

Natural Ingredients Based:
Titanium Dioxide, Plant-based Glycerin

Also known as :
sunProof Sensitive

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Full Ingredient List

Deionised Water, Glycerin, Proplyene Glycol , Titanium Dioxide, Sipigel, Allantoin, Neolone, CI14720

How To Enjoy

Apply the sunblock evenly on cleansed face and neck every morning after toning.

Pair With

The Pacifier
While Touchy Classy provides UV protection and soothes the sensitive skin in the day.  The Pacifier completes your care for sensitive skin  in the night.

Skin Types

Sensitive Skin, Combination Skin, Oily or Acne Skin, All Skin Types


All Ages

Special Profile

Safe for Teenagers, Safe for Expecting Mothers


Conventional SPF sunblock is oil-based.
Touchy Classy broke the rule.

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