Here you go. 

These are the shots befitting your skin profile. You can play it up by your own preferences anyway, anyhow. For a comprehensive concoction, we recommend completing the steps in Prime, Treat and Protect.


Skin Profile :
Gender-neutral | All ages | Oily-Combination skin | Acne-sensitive | Chronic acne | Oily clogged pores

 Step 1:  Prime


For your skin type, it should be gel based, oil free. Inception Sling will suit you best. It stripes off excess oils yet retain hydration, cool science behind it.

  • $39.00
    The universal cleanser that moisturises while you wash.

    Inception Sling



Get that skin education:  The optimum pH level for skin is at 5.5. Typically, oily skin’s pH exists over 7 (more alkaline). So you know the problem now, what to do? Solve it and it’s easily done with toner to rebalance your skin’s pH to the ideal 5.5.

  • $39.00
    The probiotic essence oily skin needs.

    Beyond Control


 Step 2: Treat

The Pimple Terminator

#musthave Knowing the root cause of your problems is the key to solving them. For pimples, it’s the pesky acne bacteria. They thrive in oil on your skin. So you’ll need to eradicate them, no mercy. While this sounds really harsh The Crux does it without drying your skin.

  • From $18.00 Sale!
    The almighty pimple cure

    The Crux

    From $18.00


Elevate and accelerate the skin’s natural healing process from redness and swollen bumps. Experience calmer and happier skin, faster.

  • $65.00
    Chill and heal sun or acne battled skin

    The Dressing Drink

  • $46.00

 Step 3: Protect


UV’s an universal threat, regardless of skin type. That’s why we’ve carefully created water-based sun shields for you too.

  • $78.00
    A water-based sunblock that acts as a multi-tasking moisturiser; light, luminous and reduces skin redness – just perfect for sensitive skin!

    Touchy Classy

  • $78.00
    A total sun shield that quenches your skin’s thirst

    Basic Sunrise



Still caught in between feeling too dry but having acne? Rehydrate your skin as it deserves with an oil free moisturiser – it won’t cause any breakouts.

  • $52.00
    Your skin deserves to be moisturised delicately, just like baby’s!

    The Pacifier


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